Vitra Design Museum

 © Vitra Design Museum 2011; Photo: Thomas Dix
© Vitra Design Museum 2011; Photo: Thomas Dix


Year: 2016
Account: Vitra Design Museum
Name: Vitra Design Musem „Biomorph“
Dates: 30.09.- 08.01.2011
Location: Weil am Rhein
Product: Hemp Chair


The exhibition “BioMorph – Organic design from the Vitra Design Museum Collection” illuminates the various facets of organic design and traces how the concept of organicism runs throughout twentieth-century design.
Organic design is commonly associated with soft, flowing forms. Many designers seek models from nature or use organic forms to optimize the construction and ergonomics of their creations. Today the possibilities of new computer imaging techniques inspire designers to experiment with organic forms and structures. At the same time, organic design offers itself as a synonym for sustainable design based on respect for resources and the aesthetic of nature.