Table Hub

 DuPont Corian
DuPont Corian


Year: 2015
Account: DuPont
Team: Studio Aisslinger
Producer: DuPunt


for 40 Years & 40 Designers by Corian

„table hub“ is a new multiuse table container for all life situations: a flowerpot on dinnertables, a place for bottles or grissinis during a party event, a penholder or container for various electric adapters of laptops, cellphones on a workdesk or the place for keys or ipods in an entrance situation of a flat.

The elevated soft edge square shape with 4 different integrated subcontainers gives the freedom of choice how to use the spaces for the client. With the optional access to the big basic container cable plugs or any larger objects like books magazines can be stored inside the „table hub“or used as a hidden cable management unit.

The black shiny corian surface makes the „table hub“ a new product typology with a disinguished sophisticated design appearance.