Swing Sofa

 studio aisslinger
studio aisslinger


Year: 2016
Account: Vitra

Team: Werner Aisslinger & Nicole Losos
Producer: Vitra


the swing sofa . a moment to unwind
Swing idly back and forth, let your thoughts hang loose. With Swing Sofa, Werner Aisslinger introduced this quiet moment of relaxation into the busy office environment.

The Swing Sofa’s comfortable cushions allow for retreat from the everyday. It offers space for two for taking a break to unwind, or have a creative talk one-on-one. Hung from a sturdy metal A-frame structure, the swinging sofa provides a smooth, backand-forth movement. Special care was given to the safety of the swing.

Overly vigorous pushes are prevented by a special spring that is integrated into the upper beam. This newly developed mechanism softly absorbs the impact of the movement and, at the same time, prevents the swing from exceeding its natural bounds within the office.