Smart Travelling Store

 Steffen Jaenicke &Nicola Bramigk
Steffen Jaenicke &Nicola Bramigk


Year: 2015
Account: Smart Travelling

Together with Nicola Bramigk Berlin based Designer Werner Aisslinger developed the smart-travelling store concept and designed the furniture.
The shop is located in one of last authentic old Berlin courtyards in Mitte. The long double space with its over 4 meter high ceiling was transformed with a minimum of architectural modifications into a travel concept store.

The shop is divided into theme corners like the 7m long fashion presentation which uses specially designed hybrid-objects (clothes racks double as floor lamps). The dressing room is a freestanding 4 m high unit, made from the same lampshade fabric, which also acts as a light box.

On a 4 meter high graphic-wall with an integrated screen the website is being presented and explained.
On another wall, several small shelves are distributed randomly, each bearing the name of a city and displaying products from those cities.

The second room is dominated by a 6 meter long product-wall displaying deli highlights from European metropolises. Illuminated aquariums are integrated in the shelves and highlight certain cities as showcases.
Books and magazines can be read in two specially designed read/work landscape-lounges, one of which features a music station displaying cds and sounds from different cities worldwide.