Resort & Spa Hotel Whitman

 photocredits  © Willing-Holtz Fotografie GbR
photocredits © Willing-Holtz Fotografie GbR


Year: 2020
Account: Whitman

Team: studio aisslinger
Producer: Resorthotel Whitman

There was never any more inception than there is now.
Redoing HOTEL WHITMAN at Plöner See, studio aisslinger creates together with Hamburg based architecture firm AISSLINGER + ASSOZIIERTE the space to reboot yourself….

The time is ripe for a new beginning.
Breaking our everyday routines has become more important today than ever. What kept us caught in breathless repetition must be questioned and changed.
„There was never any more inception than there is now“ wrote Walt Whitman in 1855; a sentence that echoes over 150 years later at Plöner See in Schleswig Holstein.
Since its redesign by studio aisslinger Hotel Whitman in Ascheberg has turned into an ideal place to restart.  

Two lakeview residential towers on grounds sloping down to the water. The appartments’ floor plan has been opened up. Airy lofts arose with the individual areas of life – sleeping, living, working – separated from each other only by the different materials used. 35 to 70 square meters for individual appropriation.

No rules and no routines, no requirements, no guidelines. Do what you want to do. Thinking at the panorama window, reading, writing… And because the freedom to be oneself also calls for self-sufficiency, for independence, no apartment lacks a small kitchen for individual self-catering. Retreat is possible. But not a must. In the communal building – put in second row and yet with a view of the lake – the restaurant and the pool-spa area, which have been completely renovated and redesigned from the ground up, offer the opportunity for exchange and social interaction.

Every crisis holds the possibility of a new beginning. In our present of ubiquitous optimization, acceleration and growth, slowing down, taking a time-out becomes the first step on a new path into a different future.



Failing to fetch me at first keep encouraged,
Missing me one place search another,
I stop somewhere waiting for you.

Walt Whitman

Designhotel Whitman