Project Eden – Rama 3 Bangkok


Year: 2018
Account: CPN

Team: Monika Losos & Tina Bunyaprasit & Werner Aisslinger

CPN, one of Asias largest shopping mall developers, asked studio aisslinger to re-design their Rama 3 mall in the heart of Bangkok city.

Malls all over the world have to compete with the growing competition from online business. They need advanced storytelling concepts to reinvent themselves with the goal of being highly attractive to the next generation of clients and visitors.

In Bangkok – an urban cluster with 20 Million people and a climate with up to 40 degrees Celsius – malls provide public air-conditioned spaces for people to spend their leisure time in. With Project Eden studio aisslinger developed an earthly, nature related, storytelling and design concept, bringing back nature to urban citizens through ambience and experience. It is an attempt to create a new indoor space with an outdoor feeling where people can comfortably enjoy themselves throughout the year.

Eden is divided into 4 zones: Twitterfall, The Grove, The Lake and The Market

„Twitterfall“ – a 25m high waterfall-like media installation – is located at the central void with plants, playground and co-working balconies on several levels.
“The Grove” is the title of the second void in the 75.000 m2 building and surrounds the visitors with a forest feeling with lots of wooden elements and plant trays integrated in the sophisticated ceiling structure.
The third void is titled “The Lake“ and plays with the illusion of mirroring effects with green glass-panels.All escalators are cladded with green “mirror laminate” – the colour of a deep and quiet lake.
The three voids vertically and horizontally flow in and out the entire building. An overall colour concept intensifies the voids’ stories with a soft gradient over all floors and relates to nature’s dusk and dawn.To give the customers the ambient of an outdoor market the food court in the basement was transformed into a lively market atmosphere. It is a playground for both: children and food lovers.
The restaurants, located on the top floor, were converted to have a terrace zone that interconnects between the inside restaurant and the visitors’ circulation area. Along with the nature related tone, a vibrant atmosphere in the evenings is the result of this new shopping mall in the heart of Bangkok.