Year: 2015
Account: studio aisslinger

Since Buckminster Fuller, the American Visionary and Pioneer of modern building, started his first geodesic dome constructions in the early 40s, domes became a vital part of the architectural history.

The lightweight, transparent visually floating spherical volumes were built for private housing as well as for huge exhibitions like the geodesic dome for the Union Car Company or the Ford Showroom in Michigan with a maximum diameter of 130 meters.

Fuller also influenced the first hippie communities in the US during the 60 s – his constructive concept was reproduced with recycling materials and old automobile parts.

Werner Aisslinger’s micro_dome is a micro-architectural module which outlines, inside offices, lofts or lobbies, a space which is translucent and osmotic but still offering all positive qualities of an architectural unit.

The micro_dome is made of 5 different types of honeycomb modules in plastic with an overall diameter of 2,5 m and a total height of 2,5 m.
The micro_dome size fits into all standard architectures and could be used as meeting domes, lounge corners or media spaces.

The 5 types of honeycomb-structures also enable various configurations of screen structures or curved walls.