LED TV´s GRID + Display

 studio aisslinger
studio aisslinger


Year: 2015
Account: Changhong

Team: Werner Aisslinger, Tina Bunyaprasit in cooperation with Changhong Design Center
Producer: Changhong, China


The Grid TV concept is the expression of a new formal approach in the design of a contemporary LED flat-screen television. The technical grid on the housing gives the product a soft, emotional aspect as well as the impression of a textile look and feel. Another special feature of the TV is its power button: the finger of the user is inserted into an opening equipped with a sensor to activate the device.

The technical innovation of the product is a separate box connected to the screen unit containing all sockets for the connection of external components and can be positioned beside the TV. Thanks to this flexibility, the user is able to easily hook up other consumer electronics devices since the sockets are freely accessible rather than fixed to the back of the screen.


The concept of the new Display LED television is an example of a new minimalist approach to the development of very thin flat-screen televisions. A metallic, angular structure reminiscent of a bent sheet of steel serves as its stand, additionally highlighting the slim construction for the user.

The TV is turned on by inserting a finger in a circular opening within the stand where a sensor registers the movement and activates the screen.

As with the Grid TV concept, this television also includes an external box providing numerous interfaces for the connection of periphery devices. It can be placed behind the screen while simultaneously guaranteeing an effortless connection of new devices at any time.