Patricia Parinejad / Jens Bösenberg / studio aisslinger
Patricia Parinejad / Jens Bösenberg / studio aisslinger


Year: 2018
Account: Bikini Berlin

Team: Werner Aisslinger, Monika Losos, Julia Walk & Nicole Losos

BIKINI Concept Shopping Mall has a new pulsating heart pumping bright colour through its system: KANTINI, Europe’s first Design Food Court. Modern, easy-going and witty. These three adjectives characterise the city of Berlin as well as BIKINI’s architecture and lay the groundwork for the inspiration behind KANTINI’s design.

Delicious dining calls for a special and atmospheric backdrop. An array of especially created seating and lounging furniture provides KANTINI’s diners with the choice of sitting at either the panoramic window in the loggia, overlooking the neighbouring Zoo, or the sofa landscape, inspired by the huge bird aviaries next door, or even one of the many swings, all of which are bespoke editions. The Design Food Court’s concept and its 13 bespoke food stalls, designed as flexible modular counters, cater to the tenants’ needs.

The TILE TABLES as well as the popsicle-coloured PIN SOFAS are special studioaisslinger editions. They are complemented by TOKEN STOOL (studioaisslinger for Moroso), HOBO LAMP (studioaisslinger for Wästberg), TREE LAMP (studioaisslinger for B.Lux) and an ASPEN LAMP (studioaisslinger for B.Lux) light installation. The ROME LAMP and the benches, built from upcycled gabions, are custom-made.

Spaces need to offer an experience. KANTINI’s 1.800 m² follow this guiding principal by pulling its visitors into David Hockney’s pictorial world and L.A.’s flora – transporting diners into the Californian Spirit with bright pastels and modern styling.

Through storytelling, the unusual combination of materials and experience orientated installations KANTINI, tackles the challenge the digital age provides design with – to offer cool costumers cool spaces.

studioaisslinger is first and foremost a teller of stories. KANTINI is a new chapter in a line of stories, which the studio has developed for the BIKINI building complex. With the renowned 25hours Hotel BIKINI BERLIN, NENI BERLIN and MONKEY BAR, which play with the contrasts between nature and culture, studioaisslinger has created spaces that have attracted and amazed a vast number of guests.