Juli Chair 2017

 Jens Bösenberg
Jens Bösenberg


Year: 2017
Account: cappellini

Team: Werner Aisslinger
Juli Chair was the first chair that made use of polyurethane integral foam for a seat shell, a technology adapted from the automobile industry and developed in 1996 with a Lancia subcontractor. During the summer of 1995 Werner Aisslinger spent some weeks building a 1:1 scale mould for the Juli Chair’s fibreglass prototype seat shell. Aisslinger drove the nal prototype to Giulio Cappellini in Italy. Through Cappellini’s connection to the Lancia supplier the possibility of changing the breglass for the soft synthetic shell came up.

The Juli Chair, was the first German chair design since 1964, became part of the permanent collection of the Modern Museum of Art in New York in 1998.