Lorenz S.p.a. / studio aisslinger
Lorenz S.p.a. / studio aisslinger


Year: 2015
Account: Lorenz

Team: Werner Aisslinger


The design of ICONOGRAPH is based on the classic round watch body with clear, fluent, organic lines of the case and the accentuation of the spherical dial, with outstanding and characteristic windows for the 12 numbers. The various colour combinations of the case, the dial and numbers give the overall minimalistic and classic design a personal touch and generate an outstanding design fusion for a timepiece.
The inspiration for ICONOGRAPH came from a personal dream and vision about my definitive wristwatch: easy and daily – high-tech and well engineered – round and classic but at the same time unseen and progressive – inspiring textures and colour combinations with a pleasant and casual appearance – poetry and minimalism with a long visual half-life period – a watch with a quality rather for your entire life than for a moment.