Hobo Stockholm

 photocredits Patricia Parinejad
photocredits Patricia Parinejad


Year: 2017
Account: Hobo Stockholm

Hobo’s design story

Hobo will offer its guests a new challenging, exciting and inspiring world – an on-trend design experience. Authenticity, sustainable design and shared realities that enable personal relationships in a social hub are the conceptual basics of studio aisslinger’s design for Hobo. A sense of connection, wheter it be to the hotel itself and other guests or to the city and its locals, is what will shape a stay in Hobo Stockholm.

Hobo wants to give travellers the feeling of freedom and easiness – the feeling one would have touring the continents with a vintage volkswagen camper and making stops to prepare food at a camp fire. The Hobo guest seeks adventures and loves nature, pure materials, community, good talks and of course music. Hobo Hotel is an open-minded place with curated art, organic food, and special installations like a farming-aquaponic installation or the barbershop and the DIY repairment corner. These storytelling elements, together with the design details, create a friendly and emotional place for all guests from all over the world as well as locals from Stockholm.

Designwise Hobo plays with open loft like spaces and easy accessibility to all public areas as well as communicative and inviting seating areas. The design is quite casual, easy-going and collage-like: studio aisslinger curated materials and colors to achieve a mix of warm, natural textures like stone or wood together with tiles, wallpapers, metal finishes like brass, all connected with colourful fabrics and a cosy lighting concept. All design pieces are carefully selected and designed by studio aisslinger in collaboration with high-end design brands around Europe. To name the most exciting: a luminaire range with famous Swedish brand Wästberg and seating and sofas designed with Italian manufacturer Cappellini.

Hobo is the evolution of urban hotels – the next step to connecting guests in a social lobby and communal bar area, with a design that mirrors the lifestyle of curious and broad-minded urban travelers.

Hobo’s rooms

The unique rooms are defind by the central and freestanding bed, orientated towards the window which is framed by a wooden funnel construction emphasizing the 1970ies horizontal elements. The bed is connected to a steelframe structure, a construction that connects to a desk and also serves as a place for hanging lamps or personal objects. The rooms’ unusual atmosphere is shaped by a long red or green mirrorball and the big glas window separating the shower area. All furniture such as wardrobes, cork stools and bedside tables are editions of studio aisslinger.