Hobo Lamp Family

 Jens Bösenberg / Patricia Parinejad
Jens Bösenberg / Patricia Parinejad


Year: 2017
Account: Wästberg

Team: tina bunyaprasit & werner aisslinger

In cooperation with Wästberg, one of Europe’s most innovative lighting brands, studio aisslinger has developed a simple and cheerful luminaire range to match our interior concept for Hobo Hotel Stockholm. A small toolkit was created, which generates various types of suspension lamps, table or hook lamps. Through the use of a well-calculated colour system, the lamp can become iconic in a space or be a decent match for other materials in the architecture, while also being suitable for cluster formations in public spaces. Wästberg Hobo lighting is versatile, its range in use goes from cosy room lamp to bathroom lighting, atmospheric bar or lounge and restaurant ambient lighting. The range of colours and finishes and the minimal overall design, as well 
as the shape, make this lighting family an important factor in Hobo’s ambient, while also being a long-lasting and timeless product.