Headsquarter Coworking spaces in Zuerich


Year: 2020
Account: Headsquarter

Together with „Aquilas“, the wellknown Swiss entrepreneurs and company builders from Zürich studio aisslinger created a new brandscape for a new approach to a coworking world:   HEADSQUARTER. Work has become part of our lifestyle. With the increasing connectivity, we are becoming more isolated from one another. Coworking is a tool to bring people together in the digital age.

The creation of coworking spaces is always a balancing act between a clever designed communal space and the quality of an encouraging coworkers community. Many companies have forgotten that the gap left by a declining company culture has to be neutralized by community building in the coworking age.
HEADSQUARTER says that „work is half of life – community the other half“ – so the challenge for the creation of a new coworking landscape and brand made us design an inspiring fashioned collage place for the Zürich entrepreneurial scene.

The HEADSQUARTER in Zurich combines separate yet transparently open designed offices, co-working areas with fixed and flexible workstations and spacious, excitingly fashioned communal areas to create more than just an attractive workplace. The analog world with all its haptic qualities and inspiring views works nicely with most advanced digital technologies. True sociability turns into a part of what formerly was just daily chores. The workplace itself turns into a source of stimulating experience.

Instead of uniform rows of cubicals, studio aisslinger seeks to design working landscapes that combine the possibility of focusing with openness of mind, concentration with dreamy reverie.