German Design Award 2014 special mention

 Flötotto / DeSede / studio aisslinger
Flötotto / DeSede / studio aisslinger


Year: 2016
Account: German Design Council

Producers: Flötotto, de Sede, 25hours

Studio Aisslinger acquired special mention from the German Design Council for the German Design Award 2014. The product family DS-143 and DS-144 from De Sede, ADD – furniture system from Flötotto and Hotel Project Bikini Berlin are listed for Special Mention 2014.

DS-143 and DS-144
To be at once seat and sculpture – the new seating family DS-143 and DS-144, however, refutes this paradox. Minimalist in their streamlined designs, they supply the maximum of seating comfort. The flatness created by the encircling edge work imbues them with unaccustomed clarity, directness and immediacy. Their deeper dimensions cry out to be experienced: thanks to the precise sculptural design, they hold the body in a comfortably yielding embrace just like the perfect seat of a racing car.

Bikini Berlin
“Bikini Berlin” encapsulates the strategy of positioning a real estate project as a brand. The design visualises the new use of the listed Bikini House building as the destination for a transnational target group passionate about design. In essence the brand says: Live differently! The implementation likewise materialises this thought. It examines, deliberately and creatively, the traditional way real estate communicates with the same old colours and sterile images from architectural software.

ADD furniture system
Together with designer Werner Aisslinger, Flötotto has developed the modular ADD furniture system, which features an innovative joint design. The intelligent plastic node (patent pending) brings with it two major advantages: first it seamlessly connects the timber profiles to form a structural frame, hiding the joint within the node itself. Second, it introduces a new and simple installation technique, in which the nodes feature fasteners that simply clip onto and off other elements such as front, side and back panels. Elements can easily be changed or added at any time.