Stayery Berlin

 Obst & Schmieding
Obst & Schmieding


Year: 2019
Account: stayery

Team: Jan Patrick Bastian, Isabel Hane
Producer: BD Apartment GmbH

With the stayery Berlin studio aisslinger captures the lively and creative spirit of Friedrichshain and Boxhagener Platz while at the same time serves the urban nomads’ desire for community and individuality, for technical comfort and haptically and visually inspiring design. What may initially appear to be a tuned-up version of the classic dormitory is in fact a boarding house conceptually rethought. The 20-30 sqm rooms are designed as tiny houses in which practicality and optimal use of the available space become the motor of attractive design. The specially designed storage elements create the transition between kitchen and living room, a multifunctional piece of furniture, the ‚living chaise‘, serves as a work and dining table and, with its small ottoman, is just as inviting for relaxed lying and reading. The swivelling luminaire functions both as work and reading light. The sleeping alcove, separated from the rest of the room by a few steps, becomes a place of retreat where you want to spend whole afternoons on rainy days. The bathroom is separate and at the same time not hermetically separated from the living room. All in all, the different areas are connected by flowing transitions. Tiles mark the entrance area with the kitchen while a PVC with a warm wood look covers the floor in the living area.
The small housing units are independent, the room numbers are designed as house numbers, just as it should be for real tiny houses. Following the guiding theme ‚life on the road‘, the corridor looks like an outdoor street with a zebra crossing marking the access to the elevators. In the building’s entrance area, simple screed draws life from the busy Holteistraße into the private area of the stayery residents. A wild conglomeration of yellow, black and red mailboxes replaces the uniform grey schematism of ordinary letterbox units. A modified hot-dog trolley serves as reception, where one can do a quick self check-in at the beginning of ones stay. These street furniture and accessories playfully blur the hard line between inside and outside before the noble parquet finally indicates the transition into the private community area where people come together for co-working at the long worktable made of solid planks, meet by chance in the transparent laundromat or arrange to have a beer in the relaxing corner. „It’s good to stay along the road.“ The stayery Berlin makes it possible.