DEDON – milan presentation – 2016


Year: 2016
Account: Dedon

Team: Team
Producer: Producer
Partners: Partners

Team: werner aisslinger & katariina minits

„Jungalow“ is the headline for this years DEDON salone presentation. Designwise we transformed this concept into a world with the abstract imagination of views into a jungle connected with the 2016 collection pieces.

You will find yourself in a green jungle scenery that absorbs you and makes you part of the furniture installation – kind of a shift into a scenery with oversize jungle grafic panels and real plants swinging in the wind.

grafic panels ( by bureau mirko borsche ) and real plants swinging in the wind. mirrors reflect the visitors into the scenery and a partly doubelreflection from both sides generates an endless DEDON reflection world. This 2016 DEDON milan world carries off visitors for a short moment into a different mindset athmosphere and experience…