Year: 2015
Account: Interlübke

The Cube system consists of separate chests of drawers designed for stacking or positioning alongside each other. Open compartments and closed units, such as drawers, flaps and rotating or swivel doors suggest multiple combinations for individual lifestyle needs.

Depending on one’s personal preferences, cube can be progressive or contemporary, modern or traditional.

The characteristic chamfer serves to optically divide the stackable chests of drawers while accommodating the recessed handles. Instead of legs, cube rests on an inconspicuous, retreating console.

One special detail: the chests of drawers can either be positioned against a wall or take pride of place somewhere in the middle of the room, and it can be opened in various directions. Each individual chest of drawers can be operated from different angles, in other words, it can be turned through 90∞ or 180∞ to permit access from all sides