Communal Cooking Landscape in Berlin’s Design Museum

 studio aisslinger
studio aisslinger


Year: 2018
Account: Kunstgewerbemuseum

Team: Werner Aisslinger, Nicole Losos & Chrissie Breinlinger-O’Reilly

As part of Kunstgewerbemuseum – the Berlin design museum’s – exhibition “Food Revolution 5.0” the installation of a communal and communicative landscape emphasizes a symbiosis between active analogue cooking and the social sustainability inherent to communal preparation, cooking, eating and conversation. The „Communal Cooking Landscape“ is a hybrid between arena, seating-terrace, and low-level cooking surface. Instead of consuming cookery shows, digital human beings are placed within an archetypal historical ensemble, the arena. Thus, becoming the protagonist, cook, spectator and gourmet in one. Participation around a central hob represents an analogue utopia for the kitchen, that in the near future will supposedly be run by intercommunicating household appliances.