Year: 2016
Account: studio aisslinger

Team:Werner Aisslinger, Felix Brandl, Moritz Böttcher, Daniel Weidler, Nina Witkiewicz

rooms of books – 
this architectural installation of a wave-like modular book structure and a cylindrical space shows the intensive spatial atmosphere exerted by books. The open installation condenses the intimate feeling of old libraries from which anybody finds it hard to escape.

books as a resource – 
large used books of outdated titles and too old to be read, are assembled with a special designed metal connector. An endless modular meta-grid applies its function to walls, room dividers or shelves.

global -local
The ‘books’ installation is ‘global and local’ – the user is free to collect the basic material locally and in his language from the antique shop, the second hand shop next door or from ebay. The metal joints can be ordered through globally available distribution.

customized product
– ideally the developing structure is a personalised object. Old books find a new use which have been collected through a lifetime – the ‘books’ structure will be like no other, a distinctive modular wall is created!

self sufficient system
a ‘books’ installation can grow of itself – any read book is a potential resource for all coming book stocks – the system feeds itself