BeHive Lamp

 studio aisslinger
studio aisslinger


Year: 2016
Account: Foscarini


The perfect blend of formal purity and technological research, Behive is a new table lamp designed by Werner Aisslinger in his first collaboration with Foscarini. In Behive, light is the decorative element defining the body with an animating graphic outline that brings it to life. When it is switched off, Behive resembles a stylish modern sculpture, but when it is switched on, it produces a magical luminosity.

The name “Behive” (a shortening of “beehive”) describes the shape and horizontal striped pattern of the diffuser and its emanating warm, soft light.. The appealing volume of Behive is the result of the overlapping of a sequence of rings in successively larger sizes. Deceptively simple and regular in appearance, the rings of Behive are the result of a highly complex collaborative engineering process and materials research for which Foscarini is famous. Behive is a truly luminous sculpture, a perfect architecture of horizontal slits with a charming, poetic effect.

Beguiling, formally pure and technically perfect, Behive denotes a winning and recognisable personality, destined to become a classic.