Basecamp Sølvgade

 Andreas Omvik
Andreas Omvik


Year: 2017
Account: Basecamp

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Built in 1771, the historic building in the heart of Copenhagen formerly housed barracks. Purchased by the investment firm Triton, it has become the first Basecamp student housing facility.

Triton appointed Studio Aisslinger for the interior design of all of the Basecamp properties. After only 5 months from the purchase, 216 rooms, spread over two buildings and 5 floors – all with their peculiar shape and potential – were ready to house Copenhagen’s students.
Precisely because of such irregular rooms, the concept behind the furniture collection is a simple yet very practical goal: flexibility.
Each element: a freestanding wardrobe, a kitchen cabinet, a bed storage structure and a desk, was designed to perfectly interact with the others, in order to guarantee maximum flexibility to each individual room layout.
The result is a sturdy, playful and durable collection. In addition to the furniture, a birch pegwall was added and mounted on the bathroom pod’s wall, to allow the students to customize their rooms with hooks and shelves without damaging the original walls.
To complete the project, several common areas were designed according to the clients‘ needs: an office/reception, a lobby, two attic common rooms, five common kitchens and a Plug&Play room.