area lighting serie TARIS & SCRIPTUS


Year: 2017
Account: osram siteco

Team: werner aisslinger & till grosch

„Scriptus“ is a complete new modular design approach to office lighting and architectural lighting. The units can be extended to long linear rails with a extrem flat shape and electronic units being integrated in the linear structure.
The design of „Scriptus“ is extremely minimal along with the optical system and based on an archetypal square and monobloc like volumes connected to various configurations.
„Taris Square“ is a fully injection moulded case with linear LED engines placed behind a completely new developped optical system.

This optical system is framed by special translucent injectionmoulded lightguides multiplying the indirect light elegant into the architectural space. The design of Taris is longlasting with a minimal and pure design approach and conceptualized to match all types of architectures.

„Scriptus“ with the new optic multi array lense system based on LED clusters is able to produce tunable white as well as 3000 and 4000 kelvin versions.