ADD modular furniture

 Flötotto / studio aisslinger
Flötotto / studio aisslinger


Year: 2014
Account: Flötotto


Intelligent Joint: The New ADD System Furniture for Flötotto.

Together with designer Werner Aisslinger, Flötotto have developed the modular ADD furniture system, which features an innovative joint design. The intelligent plastic node (patent pending) has two major advantages: first it seamlessly connects the timber profiles to form a structural frame, hiding the joint within the node itself. Second, it introduces a new and simple installation technique, in which the nodes feature fasteners simply clip onto and off other elements such as the front, side or back panels. Elements can easily be changed or added at any time.

ADD is a system that can be modified and extended according to the user’s ideas and needs.

ADD: both individual furniture units and a system
The modular system comes in attractive colours and includes a number of self-contained units that can be used universally and can be extended to create complete solutions.

ADD works like a construction kit providing unlimited options, adapting instantly to changing lifestyles: if necessary, the system can be modified easily and effortlessly. With the lengths, depths and widths of individual modules combining perfectly, ADD provides all the benefits of a sophisticated system. Users can choose from a wealth of individual design options to create their very own piece of furniture.

“ADD literally contains a ‘hidden hero’ since the highly complex joint is integrated into the load-bearing wooden elements in such a way that it remains invisible from the outside. This gives the system an elegant, domestic look. Offering all the benefits of a system, ADD also works perfectly when used as a stand-alone unit.”