25h Hotel Langstrasse Zürich

 studio aissilnger / 25h
studio aissilnger / 25h


Year: 2017
Account: 25h Hotels

Team: Dirk Borchering, Tina Bunyaprasit & Werner Aisslinger

The “Pocket Universe” Hotel A hotel is always a universe in itself and this concept of a “Pocket Universe” became the leitmotif for 25hours Hotel Langstrasse. It is inspired by an album title of legendary Zurich electro-pop duo YELLO.
25hours Langstrasse views itself as an individual small universe while also keeping up an amorous relationship to its location in the middle of lively district 4. The hotel as such is a cocoon, a world of its own that offers sanctuary for a couple of hours – a Pocket Universe. Reflected in the hotel’s concept is the unique position of Zurich in Switzerland and Switzerland in Europe, both a natural as well as an artificially created special position as a Pocket Universe.

DJ Design Concept
Collage Designers nowadays are like DJs, who sample material from different sources. studio aisslinger tries not to create an overall-look that follows a one-fits-all attitude, much rather the team strives to achieve an unconventional collage with an experience to it.
Everyday life, like the world itself, is a collage. Today, no one lives in homogenous monochrome designed spaces. Quite the contrary is true, a yearning for a combination of vintage, flea market finds, classics, inherited pieces, mixed with archetypical new designs. Everyone is the DJ to their own life and accordingly the interior they live in. Therefore it seems more authentic to decorate a hotel in that manner too. The hotel is designed to look as if it had been shaped by life, an acquired hotchpotch. This is the design mantra, the concept that has created the ambience as a whole.

Being locally global
A hotel that is “local” while simultaneously being “global” is achieved by interweaving the guests’ experience with that of the locals, the Zurichers of district 4. Favourably Zurich’s entrepreneurs meet and work in the lobby and mingle with hotel guests – real analogue social networking.

New 25hours Hotel Zurich is situated at the joint of Zurich’s pulsating and legendary Langstrasse and newly developed Europaallee quartier. The 170 room hotel lies at the foot of the train tracks, in front of Zurich’s main train station and its design has playfully integrated the area’s contrasts of everyday life and red light nightlife, between art and commerce. 25hours Hotel Langstrasse sees itself as a small universe that offers a compact world for locals as well as the city’s guests, the urban nomads.