Year: 2015
Account: Younicos

about Younicos

 works on a world in which all energy produced is CO2-free and renewable. That’s why they are developing storage systems and network solutions for safe, stable and cost-efficient electricity supply from regenerative energy sources.

about Yill & design

new typologies
 … designing a new product typology is always a dream and challenge for designers. Creating a product in most cases is a redesign of existing archetypal products and a reinterpretation of a specific type of use. Mobile energy chargers are an unknown species in our environment…

tomorrows daily life 
… objects which no one has used in his daily life before and with the potential of becoming part of a tomorrows world are beside from mere hardware design part of a conceptual environmental approach … daily habits as well as a growing awareness of the environment and ressources combined with functional needs made designing YILL thrilling.

resources and visions
… energy ist permanent available but at the same time costly and in the case of non-renewable energies consuming ressources … as a consequence designers are adressed to evolve design energy-conscious visions for our tomorrow.

likeable objects
… starting from R2D2, the most likeable roboter ever, we tried to design a pleasant companion with a friendly personality which beside from supplying energy lights your way, interacts with sounds, swings while standing and moves like a roly-poly… more a companion than a merely functional item …

poetic design 
… design is beside aesthetics, functions and emotions in particular a way of story telling.. following this narrative designtrack, Yill is designed to be a visually longlasting object and beyond this a self explanatory tool for handling energy in the future.

studio aisslinger design team
with younicos technology team

about  Yill

A cordless little bundle of energy
… Yill is a small, mobile energy storage unit. She can power a modern workstation for two to three days without cords or cables.

… Many modern commu-ication technologies aready work without cords or wires. Because Yill stores one kilowatt hour of energy, she makes your workstation’s power source mobile too.


…With Yill, elevated floors and socket banks are a thing of the past. She makes the layout of your workplace extremely flexible. Teams can form quickly and easily where they are needed, even in older buildings or factory lofts.